Business Intelligence from NoseDat

We understand data, we turn it into information.

Analysis, reporting,
forecasting and planning.
Do you knowthe optimal price of your products?

Which products do customers buy together?
Do you knowhow long your on-hand stock will last?
When do you have to replenish the goods, and what volume of products you need?
Do you knowhow to allocate costs effectively?How much time do you spend putting together a corporate budget?

Our clients know that...

better understanding
leads to better decisions.
We can't manage what
we don't understand.

We help companies to increase their performance thanks to better information. We have more than 10 years of experience with the implementation of business intelligence-solutions in international companies specialising in more than retail.

Our clients know that...

Services and solutions

Our clients know that...

opportunities do not wait, 
success depends on fast decisions!


We base our solutions on market proven and cutting-edge technologies.
Microsoft SQL server
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Power BI
Evidanza MaC